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EMC World 2009: Day 2 (Tuesday – 05/19/2009)

Alright…., wrapped up day 2 at EMC World 2009. Unfortunately no pictures or videos taken today.

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Attended a partner luncheon and couple of sessions on V-Max in the morning and then a Clariion session in the afternoon. EMC bloggers lounge was quite crowded in the morning and as day progressed, activity faded. In the afternoon there was a photo session with of the blogging community, here is a link on Blog Stu (Sorry I am not in the picture….had to attend a session).

Solutions Pavilion was still the highlight of the day, with some heavy activity in there, quite a few blog post by Beth and Storagezilla on their take on some of the vertical market providers.

Got 60 mins of face time one on one with Greg Schulz (@storageio) and his views about data center optimization and some of his visions into the next tidal way after virtualization.

Also another 45 mins of chat with @stevetodd (Steve Todd) and his views into how the storage industry has shaped over the past 15 years.

These meetings are great, as much as I love attending the sessions; it is great to talk to the industry experts about their views.



Speeches by Mark Lewis (President, EMC Content Management and Archiving Division)

Howard Elias (President, EMC Global Services and Resource Management Software)

Frank Hauck (Executive Vice President, EMC Storage Division and Global Marketing and Customer Quality).










Look forward to some new blog posts on Gestalt IT and Storagenerve over the next week for some of our views on Clariion (SAN, NAS & CAS) platforms.


The Blogging Lounge

Busy morning at the EMC bloggers lounge.

Spotted: @storagenerve, @chrismevans, @edsai, @storageio, @stevetodd, @chuckhollis, @storagezilla, @stu, @davegraham, @chadsakac, @lendevanna, @gregorywhite, @jtablat, @basraayman, @davevallente, …..


The after Party

A dinner party with some EMCer’s and Bloggers tonight at Portfino Bay Restaurant, @stevetodd & his wife, @davidspencer, @edsai, @storagezilla


Highlights for Tomorrow

No more keynotes, only sessions….

Look for some technical data next week on some of the sessions I have attended related to V-Max, Clariion, etc.