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Transitioning from Blogger to WordPress

Greetings from London this morning!!!

Over the past month and a half I had a chance to use WordPress with some work I have been doing with Gestalt IT, got really impressed with the interface, the ease of use and the end result in terms of the output.

Lately on Blogger Platform there have been a lot of issues with blog formatting, the posts layout and primarily the feeds. I have been traditionally writing post in MS Word and then copying it over to Blogger. It has something to do with the XML tags that get copied over along with the rest of the formatting, causing the feeds to stop delivering content to users.

Then the size of the feeds started kicking in, where the limit is 512kb. There was a blog post I did about blogger feeds and feedburner feeds with the size restrictions back in Jan 2009. It was a nightmare anywhere you turn around with that platform.

Tried do some work around WordPress couple of weeks ago, first of all impressed by how easy it was to import the posts from blogger. Within an hour all the posts and all the comments from Blogger were imported to WordPress. Started formatting the blog layout, it was easy. The output looks great, creating new blog post is easy, the feeds work and no real big issues. Currently I am running the built in WordPress version, if this works okay then over the next 3 months will migrate over to a hosted version that will allow running various different plug-in’s, etc.

But looking forward to working on WordPress. Hope the users find the content interesting, easy to read and feeds delivered to their RSS/ATOM readers.

Sometime during the day today on 04/01/2009, the domain will start pointing from Blogger to WordPress.