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Storage Resource Analysis (SRA): Part 3


The IT Budgets of 2009

Continuing my posts on Storage Resource Analysis (SRA) and Storage Economics, this one focuses on the facts of IT Budgets of 2009.

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To list some very important items & agenda’s related to IT – Storage Budgets of 2009 are


  • Ø  Direct Impact Cost

o   Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

o   Reducing CapEx

o   Reducing OpEx

o   Storage Segment outsourcing

o   Reduce Cost of After Warranty Support

o   Reduction in Power Consumption

o   Reduction in Storage Management

o   Meeting SLA’s resulting in reduction in Penalties



  • Ø  Hidden Savings

o   Storage Virtualization

o   Increase Utilization & Efficiency

o   Storage Reclamation & Optimization

o   Redeploying unused storage

o   Trend Analysis and Forecasting

o   Unnecessary licensing cost for storage management software

o   Reduction in Floor Space

o   Centralized Storage

o   Storage Consolidation

o   Automation

o   Investment into long lasting technology

o   Planning resulting in future growth without heavy cost impact

o   Tiering using ILM approach

o   Green Data Center


Should I mention, “DO MORE WITH LESS”, the beaten up concept of 2009.

And the important aspect is how do you manage to achieve all of the above while your databases are growing, your file systems are growing and you do not have a luxury to spend any additional dollars this year?


Recently I had a chance to talk to a CIO from a Fortune 1000 customer, and during the conversation with him, we asked him about what the primary objectives he has for his organization related to Storage.

Some of the things he mentioned were increasing efficiency and utilization within his storage environments, reducing his OpEx with automation and consolidation, reducing his CapEx with leveraging his IT assets on the floor for 3 additional years after warranty and try to centralize the entire storage throughout all business groups for better management and OpEx/CapEx reduction.


Well, let’s move on to the next topic…….

What have you or the top management done in your organization to meet the IT – Storage budgets of 2009?