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Google Chrome Users and Non-Users

For all Google Chrome Users, you will enjoy the following videos.

I personally started using Chrome just as a experiment when it was a beta release. Really loved it…have been using since then…..

Used Internet Explorer for the past 4 to 5 years, then Mozilla FireFox for couple of years and since the initial release of Google Chrome have been using it. Google Chrome has completely changed the overall browsing experience with its speed, search, easy of use, tab browsing, light weight, bookmarking, etc.

A very kool Ad of Google Chrome on Youtube…..

If you are not already using it, here are some features of Google Chrome……


The Story behind Google Chrome……….check out the fundamentals of browsing….

Benchmarking Google Chrome final version…..


After all this, if you think you are ready to make the change, you can download Google Chrome here.
Run it as test for now, use it for about an hour everyday to browse your favorite sites and see if you like it compared to your current web browser. It will surely take a little time to get used to
Google Chrome and its features, but once you like it you are not going anywhere else…..