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Gestalt IT (An Independent IT Commentary) is born

Gestalt IT, an independent IT Commentary for readers related to IT industry. With years of experience from various Bloggers in the Virtualization, Storage, Networking and Desktop space, they have all come together to present the world a complete 360 vision into today’s complex IT environments.

As you all know, these days IT environments have specific requirements related to Security, Networking, Compliance, Storage, Desktops, Tiering, Replication, Virtualization, Efficiency, Utilization, Applications, Green Data Center Requirements, Power and many more on the list. On Gestalt IT you will find information related to these topics covered by Industry leaders and bloggers that will allow you to read about these trends and topics.

This magazine is for CIO’s, Infrastructure Directors, Data Center Managers, IT venture capitalist, Data Storage Analyst, Virtualization Experts, OEM Bloggers, OEM Marketing Folks and foremost engineers, administrators and general public. As we all cover industry specific topics, during these discussions you will see information related to OEM’s and their products / services. Some of the major ones we all talk about these days is Cisco, EMC, Sun, HP, IBM, HDS, NetApp, 3Par, Compellent, Data Domain, VMware, Xen, etc.

We all know, DIVIDED we FALL and UNITED we STAND. The power these 8 authors bring to the table is phenomenal. Each one of us comes from a specific industry or area of expertise and collectively as we collaborate on topics and vision, we can offer a reader complete insight into today’s IT infrastructure.

You can visit and bookmark the site address for Gestalt IT.

Run a WORDLE analysis on Gestalt IT and you will see the power behind the specific industry topics that are discussed. Storage still seems to be a great point of emphasis among the most of us, but that said, a lot of topics are discussed around networking, virtualization and foremost the technical’s behind these technologies.

To read a post about Gestalt IT from Stephen Foskett, click here.

So what is Gestalt: An organized field having properties that cannot be derived from the sum of component parts; a unified whole.

Today each of us blogs independently as well, we get website hits that probably vary from several hundred to thousands a day. We have a set of readers we get every day and some exposure on search engines like Google and Yahoo. But is that it…..

Looking at the benefits of Gestalt IT, the exposure a reader gets in terms of overall IT Industry is far better than individual blogs themselves. In the future you will see each writer will be publishing post – articles exclusively for Gestalt IT. There is a lot of behind the scene collaboration going on with all the authors.

So who are these Authors…..

From Gestalt IT, here are their profile views.

Chris Evans

Chris M Evans is an independent consultant with over 20 years’ experience, specializing in storage infrastructure design and deployment.

Devang Panchigar (myself)

With more than 7 Years of IT experience, Devang is currently the Director of Technology Solutions and IT Operations at Computer Data Source, Inc. Devang has held several positions in the past including Sr. Systems Engineer, Sr. Network Engineer, Technical Support Manager, Director of Storage Support & Operations. He has been responsible for creating and managing worldwide technical support teams, technology solutions team, operations management, service delivery, pre and post sales support, marketing and business planning. In his current role Devang oversees multiple aspects of the Technology Solutions Group that works with various Multinational and Fortune 500 companies providing them infrastructure services. Along with various industry certifications, Devang holds a Bachelor of Science from South Gujarat University, India and a Master of Science in Computer Science from North Carolina A&T State University.

Ed Saipetch

Ed Saipetch is virtualization practice lead and systems engineer. He has been and both the end user and value added reseller space with a focus on application infrastructure and web architecture scalability.

Joerg Hallbauer

I am a long time data center denizen who currently focuses on storage and storage related issues. I have worked on both sides of the fence, for vendors as well as being the guy who had to implement what they sold me. Finally, I’ve managed teams of UNIX, Windows, and Storage Admins.

Martin Glassborow

To view Martin Glassborow’s Linkedin Profile click here

Rich Brambley

To view Rich Brambley’s Linkedin Profile click here

Scott Lowe

As a 15+ year veteran in the Information Technology field, I’ve done quite a few different things. I’ve worked as an instructor, a technical trainer and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), systems administrator, IT manager, systems engineer, consultant, and Chief Technology Officer for a small start-up. Currently, I work with a national VAR/reseller as a technical lead specializing in virtualization and virtualization technologies. I also contribute content to and

Stephen Foskett

Stephen Foskett has provided vendor-independent end user consulting on storage topics for over 10 years. He has been a storage columnist and has authored numerous articles for industry publications. Stephen is a popular presenter at industry events and recently received Microsoft’s MVP award for contributions to the enterprise storage community. As the director of Contoural’s data practice, Foskett oversees the group that provides strategic consulting to assist Fortune 500 companies in aligning their storage and computing infrastructures with their business objectives. He holds a bachelor of science in Society/Technology Studies, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

A variety of topics and discussions are always on going at Gestalt IT at any given time, there are quite a few new features and enhancements that are upcoming for readers. Also after visiting several other IT magazines, one theme that draws me away from them is the excessive ad campaigns they run on the sites to make money. In the thirst to make money, a user probably goes through 10 clicks to read an article as he is juggling between pop ups and ads.

With Gestalt IT, you are assured of the clean view each and every time. A lot of authors on Gestalt IT come from various industry practices and have been major contributors in specific fields including other IT magazines.

You will see new posts coming from myself as well as from my fellow authors covering specific industry topics. You will also get a chance to read many topics that are being collaborated by multiple authors with different technological background and expertise.

Again, highly recommend visiting and bookmarking the site, here are preferred methods of subscribing to RSS Feeds at Gestalt IT.

Any questions, please feel free to drop me a line on Twitter @storagenerve

Also if you feel you can contribute to the content of Gestalt IT, please feel free to email me or twit me.