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Next Generation Celerra – Unified Storage with Deduplication – Feb 2009

After NetApp’s recent (February 2009) announcement of V-Series SSD support and IBM’s (February 2009) announcement of DS8000, EMC is on the roll next with the announcement of its Next Generation NAS product Celerra.

As usual, expected from EMC, the Big Bang!!!!!

So after a lot of speculation, finally the Next Generation Celerra is released now. Again this time around, EMC is pushing the technology towards unified storage, deduplication and virtual provisioning giving away some bells and whistles at no cost.


Here are the highlights of the product.


Celerra Next Generation Ultra Scale Architecture, Unified Storage with Deduplication, Virtual Provisioning, File Level Retention, Support for Flash Drives – 30X IOPS, LP SATA Drives 5.4K, 32% Energy Savings, 22% lower TCO, 960 drives, 960TB of RAW Storage.


Release date: 23rd Feb 2009


Product availability: Feb 2009, the NS-8G and NS-960 might be available early March 2009.


Models: NS-120, NS-480, NS-960, NS-G8 (Gateway Version).


Introduction of LP Sata Drives: Low Power SATA Drives 5.4K RPMs.


Introduction of Flash Drives in Celerra: 30X IOPS, introduction of Tier 0.


Cost: Low CapEx, OpEx. Customer installation available with Low and Medium profile celerra’s. High End Celerra’s available to install through ASN Partners or by EMC.


Protocols Supported: NAS, MPFS, FC, iSCSI


Software: Deduplication (no cost), Virtual Provisioning (no cost), Startup Assistant (no cost), Celerra Manager (no cost), Volume Manager (no cost), Celerra Snapsure (no cost) –


Energy Efficiency: 32% less energy consumption


Lower TCO: 22%


Build on: Intel Xeon Chips


Choice of Delivery: File Based or Block Based, NAS to MPFS for throughput, iSCSI to FC for throughput



Supports 120 Drives

Supports Flash Drives

1 or 2 Blades





Support 480 Drives

Support Flash Drives

2 or 4 Blades





Support 960 Drives

Support Flash Drives

2 to 8 Blades





Supports 4 Arrays behind NS-G8

2 to 8 Blades



Applications usable on Celerra: VMware, Oracle, MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, Windows, Linux File Server


Celerra Integration Available: With VMware, Oracle, MS Exchange, MS SQL



High End: NS-G8, NS-960

Mid-Tier: NS-40G, NS-480, NS-120

Low End: NX-4


Compliance: Meets file level compliance related to SEC Rule 17a-4(f). Also available for the Celerra is 3rd Party Compliance.


Celerra File Level Retention: Celerra is being pushed to allow Filesystem archiving. For Application and Filesystem archiving you will still need a Centera.


ROI Models: Better ROI on Celerra models than any comparative NetApp  models.

Above are the product highlights, a technical blog on this coming soon……

Haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, but hopefully soon and looking forward to it. 

Edit: Read Dave Graham’s Blog Post on Celerra Here……