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FeedBurner Issues – Size limit – 512KB

Created a blog post about a month ago in which I discussed how excited I was to use pictures on all the blog post going forward. 

it worked good………

On Friday, got a twit from one of the followers complaining that podcast through Odigo wasn’t working on the last 3 post. The blog post were created and uploaded to the blog site about 3 to 6 days ago.

So started looking around for the problem, thinking it was an Odigo problem…….

Upon further research realized FeedBurner wasn’t working correctly. No new posts were been delivered to any RSS feed readers including Odigo Feed Fetcher.

Panic mode…..

After poking around for an hour and reading some tech articles, realized the feed size cannot be larger than 512kb (what is 512kb in this day and age). Apparently all the pictures that I had been posting on the blog were consuming part of the 512kb max feed size. So that is it, no more feeds being delivered to any readers…..

Didn’t realize there was a FeedBurner size limit, are YOU aware of it……….

Lesson learned….

Be careful putting up your feeds on FeedBurner, Size limit is 512kb and your pictures count in it. Check every week to see if your feeds are working okay. I believe your videos would count as part of the limit as well.

Look and explore other possible options……..

So now I subscribe to the health of the feed through RSS reader. Also limited the feed results by changing the initial feed address, limiting a reader to only download the last 20 posts. Once this was added to the original feed address, all started working again.

Don’t post too many pictures on your blog if you are using FeedBurner…….

  • praveen kumar

    what is the remedy dear,

    i have so many pics on my blog, i can not delete them.
    you please suggest me what to do. in this case

  • storagenerve

    Hi Praveen,

    There is really no way to get around it to my understanding with the blogger platform. The wordpress platform does not typically push the pictures in the feed and locally stores them on the site for access that keeps the feed size below 512Kb.

    In the past i had a lot of issues with feedburner, but now with wordpress over the past year, really no feedburner issues have surfaced…