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IBM's Big Annoucement

IBM’s press release on Building Blocks of 21st Century Infrastructure

It’s a 122 Billion Dollar Market Opportunity according to IBM. I believe this Press Release has to do something with Sam Palmisano meeting up with Barak Obama a week ago, here is the story as published by Tony Pearson on his blog as of last week. 
This press release pretty much talks about Infrastructure investments by IBM into Security, Storage, Grids, Web, Computing and Management (Tivoli). IBM’s push for XiV and DS8000’s is visible in this press release. IBM’s vision to store 15PB of storage on XiV that is generated every day is also visible here. 
Do not have the time to analyze the whole press release now, but will try to write up something in the morning if time permits……
Goodluck reading the Press Release!!!!!