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Twitter (A Micro Blogging Platform)

Lately a lot of bloggers are talking about Twitter. Its great to see this amazing technology push social networking media to a new level. Here is Chris Evans post about Twitter and the use of data storage associated with it. I believe there was a follow up Blog on Twitter by one of the other bloggers in the Storage Blogosphere. 

To Register yourself on Twitter here is the link. You can use various different tools like Twitdeck, OutTwit, Twitterberry, etc for twittering. There are tons of apps available from various different app creators that will install either on your iphone, blackberry, windows mobile, Outlook, IE, google desktop or work as an independent application. 

I recently heard a bunch of users were twittering real time about the terrorist attacks that unfolded in Nov 2008 at the Taj in Mumbai, India. 

Seems like a US Congressman is twittering his trip to Iraq (as of last night), which got him in trouble as a security breach, here is the news article about it. If you are interested and want to follow Congressman Pete Hoekstra and his trip to Iraq, here is the link

Just ran across Twittersheep (its a tag cloud of the flocks of followers you have). It does point out a lot about your twittering practices and the twitter followers that follow you because of those practices. 

Here are my twittersheep results, hope you enjoy. Check out your Twittersheep here….

Also from Dave Graham’s Blog ran into TwitterGrade, its a tool that looks at your followers, followings and twitter updates to come up with a grade for your twittering. Here are the results of twittergrade for (StorageNerve), the grades are not that impressive. I see several users that have a grade of 99 or an 100, but to be there you got to be a twitter addict. 

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Ianhf (Twitter User) just forwarded this link over to us
, it takes text and / or tags from your blog and will create word clouds based on those. Attached is the output for StorageNerve Blog.

REVISED 02/13/2009


Apparently there was a picture attached here, the size of the picture exceeded 512kb and non of the content was being delivered through feeds, so decided to delete the picture and attach a link to Wordle 

The output as of 02/13/2009 is here  

Will try to run an output every quarter to see what tags I blog the most about…..