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Transfer of DataStorageWiki to

So after a lot of hard work over the past weekend, finally the DataStoragewiki Blog site is now transferred over to  I have explained in the previous blog why this was important (

With a bit planning and import / export of data, finally was able to move over stuff from DataStorageWiki to StorageNerve with practically zero downtime. Also realized how great it was to have FeedBurner, No outages on the RSS & ATOM feeds. The subscriber list is unaffected.

Included script on page, which would automatically forward all the users to in about 5 seconds.  But this only works with the home page forwarding (www) and not the associated URL’s.

One thing I would really like to do is automatically forwarded all the DNS queries that came over to* (any URL within the domain) to I tried to do some domain forwarding using CNAME and A Records but didn’t go anywhere.

The big problem I do see is that Google search results are all based on  and its associated URL’s, so when a user clicks on it today, they ending up with a 404 Page. In short the users that are trying to access technical data through search and are getting Page Not Found. Not sure if there is a way to fix this.

Another potential problem is it will take light years for site to be relisted again on Google and Yahoo. Since most of the blogging I do is related to technical terms, Google ranking and ratings on them is very important. With the content that is published on the pages, the current Google Page & Google Site ranking for them is pretty good. Now it will take another 6 months before the same is done for the new domain.

Again one of my purposes of blogging is to help Storage Experts throughout the world understand and compare technologies in terms of technical information and product research. With those things in mind, a search engine optimization does play a very important role with worldwide visitors that come in through search engines.

Hope as a reader you have not felt any outages with this site and your subscribed feed to this site is working okay.

I have couple of Blogs ready to be published, but will wait a few days before all the users get updated with the new site address.

Thanks for Reading and Goodluck on your Projects!!!