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DataStorageWiki.COM becomes StorageNerve.COM


As of Jan 10th 2009, will re-point to

When initially I had purchased the domain name, the idea was to truly create a WIKI site where users can come in and work on Storage docs to keep them updated. This would allow a lot of storage specialist throughout the world to centrally collaborate on upkeep of these docs. 

When the site was launched, it was more a central place for me to create and upload technical documents, but as time progressed it became more of a blogging adventure. 

The name DataStorageWiki is truly not a blogging name and I will keep it reserved in the future for the above endeavor. 

With the current blogging trends etc, its best to keep the website theme, names, etc on lines of blogging rather than WIKI. 

With that in mind I have moved the site to

For right now, all the users will automatically be re-pointed from to until the search engines etc start relisting all as This should be applicable to all the feed readers as well. 

In the mean time as goes live, I will start designing some concepts on and eventually host that site as a WIKI site. 

Hope there are no outages with this transfer……