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LUN and VBUS Mapping for HP-UX

Here are the set of commands needed for mapping LUNS and VBUS on a HP-UX system.

Your command file should look like.

map dev XXX to dir FA:P, vbus=X, target=Y, lun=Z;

XXX is the Symmetrix device being mapped
FA is the director the device is being mapped to
P is the port on the FA
X is the virtual bus value (valid values 0-F)
Y is the target id (valid values 0-F)
Z is the lun address (valid values 0-7)

The symcfg –sid xxx list –available –address (Blog on available list of LUNS on a FA for mapping) will display LUNS above 7, but these are not valid and usable by HP-UX. 

You will have to find the next available LUN 0-7. If there are no more available addresses on any VBUS you can map a device and specify the next VBUS. This will create a new VBUS and adds the available LUNS to it.

In the case where the HP-UX host is shared on the FA with another host type and heterogeneous port sharing is being used, it is only necessary to specify a LUN address. 

You will need to enable the Volume Set Address (V) flag on the FA or it will end up in error. The LUN address specified should be 3 digits, containing the required VBUS, target and LUN values. This LUN address will be interpreted as VBUS, target and LUN when the HP-UX host logs into the Symmetrix.

  • Bill Connolly

    I have a script that will generate the mapping sintax for entering the starting address, and the two fa paths on dmx for host only requiring lun addressing.   I was hoping that someone out their had the logic that would count  from a starting vbus, target, lun and generate the sintax necessary to read a list of devices and output all the mapping commands.   It was easy for just hosts like vmware, sun, window, aix.  but hp with volumeset addressing is more complicated.   thanks  my email is
    here is the script to map a list of luns(in heads.out) to be used with symconfigure

    /support/storage/bill/scripts-132# cat createmap.out#/usr/bin/ksh# arguements# arg 1 = starting lun# (Alpha must be uppercase)# arg 2 = first FA port in ##:## arg 3 = second FA port in ##:###set -xif [ $# -ne 3 ]then  echo “Usage: `basename $0` StartingLun FirstFA SecondFA ”  exitfi
    n=`echo “obase=10;ibase=16; $1;” |bc`for i in `cat heads.out`do        outn=`echo “obase=16;ibase=10; $n;” | bc`        echo “map dev $i to dir $2, lun=$outn;”        echo “map dev $i to dir $3, lun=$outn;”        echo        n=`expr “$n” “+” 1`done

    If you know how to do this for hpux.    Please send me a copy to   thanks again.