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Happy Holidays!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all the Readers!!!! 

It’s been really hard to keep up with blogging these days since most of the time spent goes either at work or with family or shopping. The holiday season is great and the spirits are high.

Somebody put it very nicely

The True Spirit of Christmas

Lots of people
crowds everywhere
Rushing and pushing and shoving,
going nowhere.
It’s Christmas time again
Have to get all those things done
hustle, bustle, quickly,
We must beat the sun.
Must get this and must get that
Maybe this nic, maybe that nak
When did it happen?
When did we lose track…
It’s a race, yes it is
We are running, yes we are
But let’s not forget
before we get too far-
What is really important
Doesn’t take much to figure out
Take time to love
and love from the heart.


Tonight is the big family dinner night; all cousins are at our place from various parts of North America for this holiday season, with many arrived early this week to the last ones arriving later today, it’s going to be a big family reunion. 

It is fun seeing all the little kids running around in the house and all the grownups having great time talking about the days when we will little. Santa should be home tonight at the party and will bring over lots of gifts for little kids………

Hope 2008 was great for everyone and 2009 will bring lots of joy and fun.

Again have safe, exciting happy holidays!!!!

Signing off for the rest of the year……….