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Clariion CX, CX3, CX4 – How to Create a LUN

The following steps briefly outline how to create, or bind, a new LUN:

Note For detailed information on creating a RAID group, click Help in Navisphere Manager.

Note Binding a LUN can take a long time based on the size of the drives or LUNs you are trying to Bind!

Open Navisphere Manager

1. In the Enterprise Storage dialog box, click the Storage tab to display a tree view of the Storage Systems

2. Double-click the Storage system icon to open the storage system tree.

3. Right-click the storage-system icon, then click Bind LUN.

4. In the Bind LUN dialog box, enter the appropriate data into the dialog box, and follow the instructions as they appear. For help, click the Help button in the dialog box.

5. For detailed information about LUNs, click the Help button in Navisphere Manager.