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Moshe Yanai (ThinkStorage XiV)

Today while browsing apparently reached the blog of Moshe Yanai (The Legendary Storage Man).

With more than 30 years of experience under his belt this man is a true Storage Industry Leader.

With him and his team of Engineers, he designed the first ICDA (Integrated Cache Disk Array) back in 1990’s. Took EMC from a Memory selling company to being one of the greatest Storage Company’s today.

Moshe use to be a tank commander in the Israel Army and during those days came up with the idea of a cache based disk array. He approached IBM back then and HP and no one was ready to buy into his ideas. Until EMC a memory company stepped in and gave Royalty to Moshe for developing and selling these ICDA systems (Moshe got a cut for every Symmetrix that was sold). Moshe truly took the Symmetrix line of products very far. If he would still have been with EMC, we wouldn’t have possibly seen the development of fiber based disk array’s like the DMX, DMX2, DMX3 and DMX4’s.

But he is in true sense a storage master and visionary that came up with the brilliant idea.

You can read Moshe Yanai’s Blog here