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Back home for the weekend…………..

After a week of traveling to various cities…..glad I am back home tonight for the weekend. Boston trip was great and fruitful, while the travel was overkilling, the actual excitment of meeting with customer and potentially being able to close the deal was great…..

Spent some time reading quite a few blogs today. 

There is a good blog posted from Dave at NetApp, highlighting the management corelation to todays IT world with Hernando Cortez from the 16th century. 

A Blog posted by Chuck Hollis about DO YOU REALLY NEED A SAN. A brillantly written blog defending EMC strategy and why your storage is not going anywhere……

Technical Blog from Diwakar explaining the Clariion Disk Structure and the importance of the 520 bytes of format style it has. 

The above 3 were the picks of the day…..