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Windows vs Mac (My Lenovo Thinkpad vs a Mac Book, can i really upgrade to a MAC)

What a day…… back home late last night from Atlanta, had to go to office early morning today for some meetings. Wrapped up all by 4 PM and left to go to Boston at 6 PM. With the northeast storm system moving in, by the time I got to the hotel atleast after a 6 hour nasty rain / ice drive….


So I got a call about 2 weeks ago from the EVP of Sales and Marketing at the company asking to see if there was anything we can do to get him a MAC rather than him using an IBM Thinkpad (now Lenovo). It was really the first time I heard that from someone who has been a Windows fan for years or rather a request from one of the top Execs at the company.

Oh….the reason people come to me to ask about a new laptop / desktop is because I head the IT Operations: have responsibilities for Security, Networking, Applications, Software’s, Databases, Hardware (Servers, Desktops, Laptops). So I have been a big fan of IBM Thinkpad laptops, every laptop we buy is absolutely an IBM now Lenovo Thinkpad T Series.

Last weekend I was travelling to NC to meet up with my family. During the visit, I helped my Uncle fix atleast 4 of his PC’s in his Office, and he went to tell me all the problems he has been having with it.

My cousin in NC has been using a Thinkpad T 41 for 5 years now and it’s really time for her to upgrade her laptop. So she just wanted to buy a Mac book and nothing else. We went to the apple store to purchase the 13 inch Mac book. Once we brought it home, I got to play with it for couple of days to setup stuff, etc, it was great!!!!

I have been a windows person myself for the past 7 years since I entered the computer industry. All we run at the office is a windows based environment. Never thought there would be anything else good and better than this. I just upgraded my T43 to a T500 (I believe it’s a replacement model for a T61). I love it (or maybe I loved it the first couple of months). All my home Desktops and laptops are windows based.

So now past weekend my wife tells me, if we could look at purchasing a Mac book for her rather than upgrading her PC, I conservatively said, let’s think about it. She bought an iPhone about 8 months ago and she loves it. I had a chance to play with it earlier in the days when she purchased it (or we used our Amex Platinum Points to buy it).

My Lenovo Thinkpad T500 is great, but about couple of weeks ago (I have it only for 2 months now), I started having this issue with it where it would freeze up and the only way to recover it would be to restart it. The last several days, it has been so bad that I have restarted my laptop atleast 14 times.

After all these reboots, at least one think I learned is that my outlook is freezing it up for some reason. How can you run your pc and work without running your email program. Tried installing windows patches, tried installing office patches, but nothing.

I am really getting very frustrated at this point and really want to look at purchasing a MAC book. Will have to give my T500 back to the company. Also will possibly get my wife a Mac book for Christmas this year. But the challenge I have is everything we have it windows based, there are several programs like Microsoft money etc I use that are absolutely not available on a Mac platform. But I think initially with running parallels or bootcamp, I will be able to get around it. Most of the other programs we use at office all have MAC versions like blackberry, office, etc, so I believe overall we should be okay. It will be challenging to do Windows Administration using a MAC though, but with remote desktop life might be easy.

Anyways, I think it’s time for me to wish myself good luck and see if this is really feasible to upgrade myself to a MAC book………