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Concentration of Storage Machines based on Geographic Locations

So when I created this blog using Blogger, I had a chance to review Google Analytics (data for the visitors is collected and analyzed). The beauty of it is you can track your visitors based on geographic locations, concentrations and importantly what data the user wants to read. Based on this we are now able to find where most of the Storage is located in the world. Also Analytics, Lijit and Feedburner will give you search terms used by your users to reach to your site, which does tell you, what your reader reads, what info he is interested in and if he likes what he reads based on the time he spends on the page.


So based on all the visits, here is a very important piece of information related to Storage Concentrations in the World.


The most concentration of Storage machines is possibly on the East Coast of US. Following that is the Bay Area in California and then Dallas Metro. Other states do seem to have a fair share of Storage Machines but I believe the above 3 would be where we might have at least 20 to 30% of all the storage worldwide. States like Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Hawaii and Alaska seem to have the least concentration of Storage in the US.


Internationally, a lot of hits seem to come from UK, around the London Metro. Most of the storage related hits are from Western Europe, including Sweden, Norway, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. This is another large chuck of the business for the Storage OEM’s.


After that area, the most EMC, STK, Hitachi related hits come in from South East Asia, India topping the list – Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi (I believe that would be because of outsourced Storage Administration there), next is Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and China. In China the most concentration is around Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Another important area for Storage concentration is in Middle East, a ton of keyword searches from Dubai (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. Believe it or not, Iran and Iraq is where they have Symmetrix and Clariions as well.


Next in the list is beautiful Australia, but hits for symcli and clariion related searches are limited to Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. I have been to Australia several times, and a ton of EMC concentration is around Sydney and Melbourne, with some large banks in Melbourne housing data to some world renowned US based companies located in Sydney, it’s one of the big EMC markets.


Lastly on the list is South America, with most of the hits limited from Brazil and Venezuela. I seldom see hits or storage related key word searches coming in from Africa, if any it would be limited to South Africa and Botswana.  


Again you think of the visits above and you wonder, if we ever travel internationally, isn’t it pretty much limited to these geographic areas. I believe at this time, the rest of the world where we don’t see a big activity is where we need to create storage awareness.


Since the blogs I write are about multiple OEM’s, hits are relative to those technologies. I am sure this data will be good for EMC, NetApps, HDS, 3Par, PillarData, SUN Storage and other Storage folks to develop market strategies based on geographic locations.


If marketing guys need any data, please feel free to email me. Be more than glad to share.