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Basic Network Storage

Some of the very Basic Network Storage Requirements are

1) Easy Manageability
2) Higher Scalability
3) Higher Availability
4) Higher Efficiency
5) Information Sharing

Some of the Basic Network Storage Components are

1) Storage – called SAN, NAS that includes the Disk Storage.
2) Network – Host, Switch, Fiber, HBA, SCSI, Cables
3) Management Software – Some sort of Storage Management Software that manages all your storage.

Some of the Basic Storage Interfaces are

SCSI: Small Computer Systems Interface
FC: Fiber Channel

These days ISCSI is quite popular, even though it gets max speed of 1GB.

With SCSI interfaces, the speeds go upto 320 Mbps
With Fiber Channel, the speeds go up to 8 Gbps these days.

Again, your network or your storage network is only as fast as the slowest component. The idea would be to use the latest and the greatest technology to keep every component of it at a similar or equivalent speed.