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SANpulse Technology: An Overview: SANlogics, SANEase, SANBlocks

SANpulse Technology: An Overview: SANlogics, SANEase, SANBlocks

Through a client of ours, I heard about SANPulse, upon further checking their technology and approach to solve some SAN related Business Processes, here is what I found.
Very interesting and unique approach!!!!!
Seems like they have already been in the news at INFOSTOR and ESG.
A tool that competes with SRM (Storage Resource Management) or rather even fits in as a module to SRM in required cases.

4 Building Blocks that drive this process offered by SANPulse.
1) Collect
2) Correlate
3) Generate
4) Empower
The above Building Blocks of SANPulse create the below listed 3 different products/processes/reports that help customer with Blue Printing, Migration, Auditing, Reclamation and Re-Tiering.

1) SANLogics: Data Collection and Analytics
a. Web based Reporting
b. Vendor Agnostic – Storage and Switch Neutral
c. Agentless
d. Multitasking and Multiproject based
e. Open Source Database
f. Integrates with other Frameworks and SRM
g. Can reduce cost by 40 to 50%
h. Can reduce time by 40 to 60%
i. Adaptive Reporting for Client Environment

2) SANEase: Reduce Human Capital, Risk and Cost
a. End to End changes with minimum Risk and Cost.
b. Data readily available and fresh
c. Audit Summary
d. Automated Processes
e. Client SAN Transparency
SAN Ease saves time with SAN Planning, Implementation and Execution phases based on the data collection process from SANLogics engine.
Check out the SANEase Cost Savings

3) SANBlocks – Modules that sit around SANLogics providing building blocks of SAN
a. A true solution that can help customers with migrations, auditing, reclamation and re-tiering.

Check out SANBlocks

The driving force from the SANLogics, SANEase and SANBlocks can help the customers with several key Aspects like
1) SAN Blueprint Solutions
a) Significant Cost Reduction
b) Accuracy
c) Flexibility

2) SAN Audits and Clean up Solutions
a) Zone Clean ups
b) Reclaimable Storage
c) LUN Count Mismatches

3) SAN Migration and Consolidation Solutions
a) Agentless
b) Heterogeneous Environments
c) Automated Discovery – End to End.
d) Non Disruptive
e) Fewer onsite resources

4) SAN Reclamation Solutions
a) Identify Reclaimable Storage
b) Automated Process to Reclaim
c) Immediate ROI
d) Centralized Console for Management Views

5) SAN Re-Tiering Solutions
a) Identify Re-Tiering Opportunities
b) Storage Efficiency and Optimizations
c) Centralized Console for Management Views


Business Partners of SANPulse: Cisco, EMC, Brocade, Sun, VMware, HP, Netapp, Hitachi.Private
Company, possibly started in 2005. Read a Client Migration Case study

ESG Report



Bright future, but it might be a tough market to begin.

Prime target for takeover, if they align themselves with a certain OEM.

Great Technology!!!!

If you are in process of any sort of Data Migration process for your SAN, I would highly recommend you might want to talk to SANPulse. Based on the technology, this is for larger customer bases with atleast 750 TB and up.

Based on sales and marketing in these tough times, the company should be able to sell these products / processes / services to a lot of industries hurting with the credit crunch. ROI and TCO models will be very helpful during the sales cycle. It might be a good idea to line up with some service providers / solution providers / SAN Consulting companies through partnerships for using SANPulse exclusively in certain environments.
Note: I do not have any affiliations with SANPulse.